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CALS OEH Chemical Inventory

2018 marked the beginning of CALS OEH's efforts to inventory all chemicals and cylinders in facilities maintained by CALS. The Department of Homeland Security, Building and Fire Codes and the City of Ithaca require these inventories. They are also beneficial to lab managers and PI's. Inventories are kept current through direct support to laboratories and the engagement of the research community. 

We are utilizing the Vertere Chemical Inventory Management System, for which the University already holds a license. Once your building has been brought into the Chemical Management system:

*your inventory will be electronic and current

*you can search for chemicals for re-purposing/sharing with other research groups

*Classification data exists for most chemicals in the system. We are currently working on classifying those remaining non-rated items.

*Renovations and other projects can move forward more quickly since the chemical information for the building is readily available.